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Weekly fish arrival 1/18/2008
Posted 1/18/2008 5:22pm HST. Subject to change, based on availability.

Blue Face Angel
Royal Gramma
Pinnatus Batfish
Teira Batfish
Yellowtail Damsel
3 Spot Domino Damsel
Green Band Goby
Scissortail Goby
Rainford's Court Jester Goby
Yellow Clown Goby
Bicolor Parrot
Purple Stripe Psuedochromis
Powder Brown Tang
Cleaner Wrasse
Weekly fish arrival 12/28/2007
Posted 12/30/2007 5:22pm HST. Subject to change, based on availability.

Lyretail Anthias (Female)
Lyretaiil Anthias (Male)
Six Line Wrasse
Juvenile Imperator Angel (Small)
Juvenile Imperator Angel (Medium)
Blue Face Angel
Teira Batfish
Orbicularis Batfish
Copperband Butterflu
Banggai Cardnial
True Percula Clown
Green Chromis
3 Spot Damsel
Catalina Goby
Coral Spotted Axillaris Hog
Purple Psuedochromis
Cleaner Wrasse
Banded Possum Wetmorella Wrasse